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New computer?

I am getting a new laptop this weekend because of the tax free weekend. I ama university student, so will it be classified as school supplies in order to recieve the no tax discount?
Also, I need some advice on what kind of computer. I want a Mac, but is it very difficult to learn? Is it useful at the collegiate level? I plan on getting Microsoft office for it so that I can have word and excel for assignments. Is it worth it? Or should I go with a PC such as Dell or HP. If you say PC please tell me which brand and model and why. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Tom T says:

    First of all congrats on getting the new laptop idea. Ok here are the answers to your many questions,

    1. Yes it should qualify as a school supplies.
    2. Ok some people love MAC and some love PC. I was a PC fan for long time until now when I bought the new macbook air. If you are using MAC for first time, then yes it will be little difficult to get acquainted with the MAC interface. But hey once you know the game, its all fun. Best part is you dont need to worry about any VIRUS on MAC.
    3. I think both MAC and PC can be used same at college level . All depends on how much money you willing to spend. MAC are more expensive then PC in general.
    4. Yes its is worth to buy MS office for MAC or PC.if your plan to use excel or word or powerpoint etc.
    5. If you plan to buy PC, my recommendation is to get HP or DELL. But this is really depend on what you are comfortable with. Some ppl go for style, slickness, color etc in addition to the specs. Why i say PC or DEll is that I also own an HP and its super. Keys are really soft, screen is very durable, and ofcourse HP customer support is awesome. Good luck.

  2. diagit2007 says:

    Better performance with HP than Dell laptops and desktops.
    Also better service if something happens.

    Mac is good if you are using for high graphic photo editing and music & engineering programs.

    If I were in your shoes I would consider an Hp laptop for college.
    Brand and models change like night and day. They all have different features. What attracts your interest , should be your focus when choosing the laptop.


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