Full Sail : (Is it Worth It?)

Is Full Sail really worth going to? You betcha! Very best teachers, very best equipment, apply your self and you get what you give. Its hard finding jobs, but if you attempt hard enough you make it. Watch and rate! Thanks!

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30 Responses to “Full Sail : (Is it Worth It?)”

  1. XtremePhatman says:

    @TheGreenPlague I removed it because I didn't need to say that so who's the professional now. Thanks for helping me I guess. Since your such a great writer me talking about you using a big word like L Cut it's called sarcasm. But your the great writer right??????? Make me question that SIR?

  2. XtremePhatman says:

    @fsisbs Full Sail is just like Harvard or any other school you can just show up and get a degree. Harvard doesn't kick you out as long as you pay tution and barely pass you can stay just like Full Sail. A degree From any school Harvard, Princeton, Yale or any place means nothing if you don't apply yourself. That's just the bottom line, if you feel scammed by any school thats you fault cause you didn't do your homework on that school before you attended.

  3. XtremePhatman says:

    @Nextdirector123 Yeah ok then look up the Director of Saw 2 find out where he is from. It may surprise you. Plus if you need to find out what directors, tv execs, and successful Alumni came from Full Sail then check out their Hall Of Fame Section Dumbass, LOL. I looked on your page looks like you went to L.A. Film School , Sooooo what director came from there???????

  4. fsisbs says:

    Xtreme, what ivy league college did you graduate from? Regionally accredited schools... you know, the real ones like Harvard, Duke, Stanford, Florida State University, have standards. And they abide by those standards to maintain their accreditation. If a student doesn't academically perform to their standards they get thrown out. They don't take attendance because their accreditation isn't based on warm bodies sucking down oxygen in their classrooms. You're expected to do the work. A degree

    • Full Sail Reviewer says:

      FSisBS - great reply. Full Sail is a terrible school. The ideal of "give what you get" is true but irrelevant to the unethical practices Full Sail embodies.

      Like a religious preacher hyping up the crowd, students are drawn in and wowed by such a speaker. They think, wow, that could be me!

      Check out this incredible review of the enrollment process at Full Sail. I don't know who wrote it but they put it perfectly:

  5. fsisbs says:

    A degree from an ivy league school means something. You worked hard for that degree and you earned it. Most college degrees are respected. You might as well wipe your ass with a Full Sail degree because that's what it's worth.

  6. KidCaliente says:

    Just to give you heads up, most the Film/TV industry do not care about degrees. Full Sail told me that, most Keys on set will tell you, and im telling you. Its about skills, work ethic, and working together as a team. Get your mind right guys, a piece paper is just a piece of paper. Work hard and the rest will follow. ;)

  7. XtremePhatman says:

    @fsisbs So that means in order for my degree to work I need to graduate from an Ivy league school right. No I don't think so my friend. Some of the richest people on this planet aren't Ivy league school graduates. So I guess you can tell everybody who has ever went to any college their degrees are worthless. My Full Sail degree is a peice of paper just like a Harvard degree. It's how I APPLY MYSELF that matters, Ive said that now like four or five times now in previous comments.

  8. fsisbs says:

    @XtremePhatman Get accepted to a regionally accredited school (if you can), take the classes and do the work. You can't skate through at a traditional school but you can at Full Sail. Regionally accredited school don't accept anybody that can fog a mirror, Full Sail does. For that reason alone there are employers out there that won't look at resumes from Full Sail grads. And if what you say is true then why did you waste the money and attend Full Sail? You could have just "applied yourself".

  9. XtremePhatman says:

    See that's the thing that I really don't understand you have so many people ready to talk about Full Sail but they haven't ever been to the campus, Gone to any college they just read some morons blog and said " O I hate Full Sail Too"!!! I guess they don't get love at home so it feels good to belong to something. Because most of them are the idiots who are antisocial which is already a fail in any industry. Well I graduated, I'm working in my industry so good luck to you all.

  10. XtremePhatman says:

    O and one last thing to all of those who comment on Kid Caliente's Videos the biggest rule in the film industry is NETWORKING. So this means if you come to this video talk about how much of an Idiot Caliente is your doomed when he succeeds. When he becomes that respected director and your name appears on his roster guess who won't get a job. So watch what you say to people it could be the end of your career!!!!!

  11. XtremePhatman says:

    @fsisbs Nice word play so what ivy league school did you attend since you know so much about them? This is my last comment because I have better things to apply my time too. So tell me how did you learn about Full Sail if you didn't go there, your opinion is invalid sir. Cause that's all it is, an opinion instead of experience. First off Full Sail teaches you more technical than any other school I visited know how I know that cause like I Just said I ACTUALLY VISTED THE OTHERS before I chose.

  12. TheGreenPlague says:

    @XtremePhatman Whatever you say junior.

  13. maritzabelmonge says:

    You made this video about 3 years ago. Have you done anything big in the industry you're studying for yet?

  14. KidCaliente says:

    I@maritzabelmonge I graduated in 2009, and I now work at a tv station. I was supposed to have a vid up like a month ago, but ive been dragging my heels. I will have it up asap.

  15. lapeaceshakur says:

    So your saying it isn't working for you ?

  16. KidCaliente says:

    @lapeaceshakur Me? Or someone else? Not sure, thanks. ;)

  17. Ben1238 says:

    Hope all is going well sir.

  18. KidCaliente says:

    @Ben1238 Yup, things are good! Thanks!

  19. jedipro100 says:

    i'm going to full sail in a few years, can't wait. bye the way i'm into movie making too, I want to be a director.

  20. jedipro100 says:

    @lapeaceshakur he's saying that it works for him, it's just hard to find a job.

  21. Poweramps says:

    Full Sail is a great school, you just got to apply what you learn to your field of interest. And don't go into the school expecting them to find you a job.

  22. xBeautifulxYashax says:

    i extremely want to go to this school but i heard that this school gives you classes that dnt even pretain to what your studying for. is that true? i want to go for music producing. is it worth it? :T im becoming a senior now in highschool

  23. yaelleteco says:

    @xBeautifulxYashax honestly i would say 90% of all schools give classes that dont have anything to do with your degree case and point im studying accounting at the moment in one of the most respected schools where i live and i had to take a leadership class that to be honest was kinda pointless but its part of the curriculum needed for accreditation and its a bachelor's degree which means is GENERAL studies not specific like a master's hope it helps

  24. xBeautifulxYashax says:

    @yaelleteco i understand and it makes sense. thankyou very much ^^

  25. KidCaliente says:

    @xBeautifulxYashax yeah yaelletaco is right, I agree totally. I recommend going Full Sails website and looking at the program overview, so you will know exactly what classes are offered in that course.

  26. Mike says:

    I'm going to assume a degree from Full Sail isn't worth the paper its printed on. Just like the Art Institutes.

    For-profit colleges are just preying on innocent people to get government funding.

  27. James says:

    I been looking around for all sorts of reviews on this school and to be honest I see fsisbs all over the place and dont believe a word he says. I plan on attending this school. A portfolio says so much more then a degree and if the knowledge I obtain from this school in the process of getting that degree that people claim isnt worth anything, then the costs were worth it. people who cannot apply themselves or have nothing to say but negative thing wont make it anywhere in their lives, nor in the entertainment industry. That is because your negative attitude will affect the things you work on. Subconsciously people will know it and will not be interested in your work. I am going to attend full sail, I have friends that graduated from there, who said its fantastic I have read 1 good review for every bad review I've seen online.

    • FullSailReview.com says:

      James! Your portfolio is undoubtedly going to be terrible. What they ask you to do is a joke in just about every program.

      If you seriously believe that your portfolio is what stands out to employers (and it absolutely does), then get out there and learn this stuff on your own, through community colleges, and online tutorials like Lynda.com (which full sail uses as a great base for their educational curriculum). In the end you'll get the same skills, get to work on projects that YOU want to do, and you won't be stuck with $500-1,000 a month in student loan debt.

      This school paints a pretty bad ass picture but neglects to inform you of the realities of their student successes.

      Also worth noting is that they have not once been audited on their placement rates or graduation rates. These random numbers they throw out are complete BS! It will come out in the media eventually and I for one intend to make sure they are audited soon.

      Students need to know the real truth about Full Sail and break this brainwashed crap they are fed and then regurgitate for other impressionable students to eat.

      Consider yourself warned. And ask your friends how much their loans are every month, if they've deferred them, and how much that is costing them to do so ($100-200 a month in interest each month it isn't paid). Ask them how much they are making. Look at their life styles.

      You and your friends are being lied to and fed a pipe dream that is goes down the throat nicely. Be bigger than a sales pitch and multi-million dollar marketing.

      I left Full Sail and am doing quite well for myself without a degree because I indeed DID work my ass off for what I wanted. I made opportunities and pushed myself to get where I am.

      You can do it too James. Don't let Full Sail take away your dreams with massive debt. Don't make your parents throw away their extremely hard earned money or your own! This school will steal your independence as a human being in this life and you will be forever strapped down with massive debt.

      Wouldn't you be curious to see how many Full Sail students have actually paid off their education? I would. And from all the research I've done, I haven't found more than a handful because mommy and daddy paid for it.

      However, I've heard many stories where students have lost their homes, their parents have lost homes, and all because of a stupid school named Full Sail that failed to prepare them fully and took advantage of their motivation to make something of themselves.

      Best of luck to you James. I hope you make the right decision for yourself and your family.

  28. crazyface says:

    I'd like to through you a tiny piece of knowledge life is what you make of it I'm enrolled now for january classes,i can only get out of this what I'm willing to put in right,my choices and my determination in life and the drive in each individual task set in front of me is based on the outcome i make of my actions ,how would i be able to blame a school,instead of myself,please remember everything in life is based on determination and drive,individuality and outcome be your own person set your own goals never stop learning and go @ life with drive..you can do it and full sail will help you


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