Full Sail University – a short film

Full Under Down Sail... Full Sail University student at Orlando, FL, USA or Sydney, NSW, Australia... Just for fun, thanks to my friends who appear in this gem..

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19 Responses to “Full Sail University – a short film”

  1. mitchyy90 says:


  2. 789Films789 says:


  3. sarahcaitey says:

    Great job! That was really good :D

  4. 789Films789 says:

    Hey thanks! I appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. mastercommando89 says:

    this i really horrible I went to a tech school and could film better then you guys

  6. mastercommando89 says:

    this is really bad the quality the acting the story everything

  7. SuperCodymack says:

    @mastercommando89 Its one thing to use school equipment and have better quality films, and its another to take what you've learned, what you have, and what you love to do and make something. The story, I found quite funny. The kukubara reference was funny! I am a recent graduate of Full Sail, and all we hear from other students at other schools is that we a over rated, and if we make anything, its alway shot down. How about you take the challenge and go to Full Sail. Many cant.

  8. SuperCodymack says:

    @mastercommando89 This film is what Full Sail is all about, amateurs trying to show their talents and abilities on limits. I know I couldn't do this, then again, my passion is in another field. This film shows that this guy had the initiative to make a GREAT short story. Not everyone is an actor, and not saying this film had bad acting, and this is another limit that we students have. We cant always hired Brad Pitt to act in our films. This probably wasn't meant to be silver screen quality.

  9. SuperCodymack says:

    So you @mastercommando89, you can take you tech school degree and hang your head lower than what ours is raised knowing that a Full Sail degree reigns over all other media school degrees. PROUD ALUMNI! MAY OF 2010!

  10. SuperCodymack says:

    I thought this film was great! Keep up the work. Find me on LinkIn, Cody Mack

  11. 789Films789 says:

    @SuperCodymack Thanks SuperCodyMack ! ! You've made my day.

  12. ChaosFerTheKids says:

    It feels so awesome just to think I've been there. :D I just got back from the last tour. I loved the story, and how he chooses Full Sail over Sydney. Baha.

  13. 789Films789 says:

    Thanks! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

  14. supermario12 says:

    i thought this film was badass! im goin to full sail soon but for a diffrent field. but iv always been interested in filming. hoping my full sail adventure will be a great one.

  15. adsoiderful says:

    that girl was hot

  16. PrAnKsTaRRz says:

    that dood's sister is beautiful!

  17. unfortunatewitnessX says:

    Wow! That was amazing! Hey, I wanted to come to Full Sail to design video games of my own and the ideas are still floating in my head! Say, when you made this short film, did you make any pass marks or even win the university prize?

  18. 789Films789 says:

    @unfortunatewitnessX Thanks! Full Sail is a great school, well it was for Film - I'm sure video games would be too. Just made this film for fun, out of hours, no prize.

  19. unfortunatewitnessX says:

    @789Films789 Oh. Well, I still think it's a great film. I hope you make better films in the future.


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