Full Sail University Online Experience

Full Sail University Online student Kevin "KJeih" Butts Junior describes his experience with whom might be choosing the response to the squestion he'd. Wrn and created by KJeih of Ksoundd Corporation.

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16 Responses to “Full Sail University Online Experience”

  1. YaGurlStorm314 says:

    Great video I couldnt have said it better myself! Be Blessed ~STORM

  2. zlmorrow24 says:


  3. ksoundd says:

    Thanks I appreciate it

  4. ksoundd says:

    Thank you so much Storm.

  5. stefonicollection says:

    Love it!!

  6. ksoundd says:

    Thanks. Im glad you do.

  7. ClickTheTurtle says:

    I agree with you completely. It is the passion that drives me, too! Thank you for sharing your story brother and keep up the good works. I look forward to your beats. I have another year to go in attaining my degree in Internet Marketing. I am confident that FSO is giving us all we need to succeed and prosper.

  8. ksoundd says:

    I can appreciate your response. This is why I posted this. I like to network and meet people like you. Full Sail is a great school in my opinion. And thats speaking from experience and not what I hear.

  9. holiwudTV says:

    hey dude our situations are identical ! keep it up man would love to collab with you in the future!

  10. holiwudTV says:

    hey dude our situations are identical ! keep it up man would love to collab with you in the future!

  11. mooglej says:

    Kevin, Nice video, keep it up!

  12. ksoundd says:


  13. ksoundd says:


  14. BContrast10 says:

    Great Video meng! keep it up n keep chasin it

  15. ksoundd says:

    thank you very much

  16. Ryker Montgomery says:

    Hey man great video. I started out as a drummer just like you and have been playing for 12 years now. In high school I played every sunday with our church band. Music was and is a passion of mine but when I graduated high school I did one year at a university and decided I hated it. I just started at Full Sail in January for Music Production. Keep up the good work and good luck to you.


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