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‘Field of Honor’: Full Sail University Student Film

Directed by Matt Fisher, 'Field of Honor' informs the storyline of the newspaper author in 1700s Sc who's challento a duel after accg a plantation who owns dishonorably killing people. The film incorporated a collaboration between Full Sail's Film and Cartoon departments to produce several CGI and effects elements. Director: Matt Fisher Authors: Matt Fisher & John Calland Executive Producers: Take advantage of Tuscani & John Walsh Production Supervisor: Erectile dysfunction Stork Production Supervisor: Kenny Beaumont Production Supervisor: Jamie Myers Production Supervisor: Mark Bucksath Production Supervisor: Martin Yee Production Supervisor: Geoff Moore Production Supervisor: Shaun Planck Director of Photography: Evan Younker Production Designer: Andrew Antrobus Unit Production Manager: John Calland First Assistant Director: Adam Deal Casting: Michael Mowen Production Coordinator: Jason Boyce Second Assistant Director: Oscar Espino Second Second/Craft Services & Catering: John Hormann Camera Operator: Josh Hanson First Assistant Camera: Charles Brandner Second Assistant Camera: Donte Player Jib Operator: James Cerven Gaffer: Chris Publish Boy Electric: Brandon Brown Electric: Matt Susterich Key Grip: Daniel VonBussenius Dolly and Jib Grip: Matthew Taras Grip: Dork Stevens Grip: Natasha Brown Grip: Angela Durkam Seem Mixer: Nicholas Nigro Boom Operator: Michael Mowen Editor: John Calland Editor: Matt Fisher Visual Effects Supervisor: Pedro Flores Assistant Visual ...

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‘The Legend’: Full Sail University Student Film

Within this Full Sail University student film, citizens of the rural town share tales about "The Legend," a guy who accustomed to puniriminals and provide t money towards the poor. Although not everybody concurs he was that legendary. *This film consists of some explicit language. Viewer discretion is suggested.- Author: Kyle Lanz Director: Kyle Lanz Producer: Katie Brandbo Executive Producer: Take advantage of Tuscani Executive Producer: John Walsh Director of Photography: Anrew Scogin, ATW Production Designer: Matthew Gabaly Editor: Kyle Lanz Editor: Ben Manley Music: Chris Maxson Casting: Michael Martinez Unit Production Manger: Josh Perez First Assistant Director: Josh Perez Second Assistant Director: Michel Martinez Camera Operator: Jeremy Forest First Assistant Camera: Nick Baldwin Second Assistant Camera: Matt Craig Camera Loader: Micah Vanderlinden Seem Mixer: Boyd Mizell Boom Operator: Austin Brown VTR: Zach Hall Art Director: Ashanti Williams Gaffer: John Adams Best Boy Electric: Liam Ferrick Key Grip: Mike Burns Production Co.:Chris Douglas Script Supervisor: Ben Manley Hair & Make-Up: Kistalynn Cost Hair & Make-Up: Boyd Mizell Behind the curtain: Nick Burton Production Assistant: Nick Floyd Production Assistant: Shaun Singleton Production Assistant: Joey Waring Production Assistant: Nate Boris Production Assistant: Jeremy Dixon Production Assistant: Kevin Mounce

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‘Freedom Ride’: Full Sail University Student Film

Freedom Ride showcases the business of the identical title, a non-profit group that can help psychologically and physically-handicapped cren and grown ups findfort through horse riding. Director: Andreyna Sanchez Producer: Aaron West Director of Photography: Andre Bohrer Editor: John J Gordon Unit Production Manager: Hania Sanchez First Assistant Director: Sara Dixon Script Supervisor: Lauren Moody Camera Operator: Alex Mikus Second Camera: Andrew Bohrer Third Camera: Lauren Moody First Assistant Camera: Kathleen Chase Seem/Boom Operator: Blain Lassiter Seem Effects: John Gordon

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‘Loves Me Not’: Full Sail University Student Film

This Full Sail University student film is really a dark drama a good psychologically tricky and abusive situation. The film's citographer, Boyd Hobwon this year's American Society of Cinematographers' William A. Fraker Heritage Award for outstanding artistic achievement in student filmmaking. *This film consists of some language and adult styles. Viewer discretion is suggested.- Crew: Producer: Katie Brandbo Producer: Take advantage of Tuscani Director: Rebecca Hodges Director: Ewa Pazera Cinematography: Boyd Hobbs Editor: Adam Dorris Original Music: GJ Castro Original Music: Casey Friend Original Music: Andrew Garraway Unit Production Manager: Justin Burns Location Manager/Production Coordinator: Chris Haines First Assistant Director: Tyler Walser Second Assistant Director: Aaron Chewning Casting: Aaron Chewning Script Supervisor: Christan Villareal Casting Assistant: Clif Crumpton Casting Assistant: Tyler Walser Casting Assistant: Wade Carter Production Designer: Alex Thompson Art Director: Aaron Marinel Construction Supervisor: Michael Reeves Art Dog: Tyler Walser Property Master: David Meyer Seem Mixer: Sean Caffrey Boom Operator: Justin Graniero Audio Consultant: Jeffrey Pendergrass Audio Utility: Devin Tardiff Camera Operator: Adam Dorris Camera Operator: Nicholas Kramer first/second Assistant Camera: Johnny Lauderdale first/second Assistant Camera: Thomas Semple Camera Loader: Adam Dorris Camera Loader: Nicholas Kramer Camera Production Assistant: Brent Martin VTR Operator: Russel Kramer ...

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‘Man of the House’: Full Sail University Student Film

A 12-years old girl mixes her real existence drama (including an alcoholic and abusive stepfather) having a vivid, Western-inspidaydream within this Fuail University student film. Consists of some explicit language. Director: Zack Gabriel Director: Joshua Butt Author: Zack Gabriel Producer: TJ Physician Producer: Louise Bradenburg Producer: Sarah Block Producer: Barbara Day Producer: Debra Guerrieri Producer: Ko Doo Hyup Producer: Ko Yeon Hee Unit Production Manager: Jamie King First Assistant Director: Brent Martin Second Assistant Director: Nicole Bird Art Director / Set Decorator: John Garaguso Casting: Robert Bosar Casting: Kyle McQueen Camera Team: Chris Collins Camera Team: David Guerrieri Camera Team: John Glenn Camera Team: Dominick Russo Music: Stephen Candio Music: Robert Ko Music: David Guerrieri Costume: Jackie Phelps Costume: John Garaguso Editor: Chris Collins Editor: David Guerrieri Game titles and Opticals: Chris Collins Production Designer: Jackie Phelps Scenic Artist: Robin Brockway Art Dog: Jessica Day Effects Coordinator: Jeffrey Haber Effects Assistant: Shane Ernest Chief Lighting Specialist: Shane Ernest Prop Master: Jackie Phelps Script Supervisor: Cesar Rodriguez VTR: Jesse Ringness Seem Mixer: Colton Phipps Secondary Second Mixer / Boom Operator: Daniel Porpora Secondary Second Mixer / Boom Operator: Nathan Trubilla Secondary Boom Operator: Kyle McQueen Wardrobe Assistant: Arianna Penzo Set Digital photographer: Frederick Ascioti Key Grip ...

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‘Ragdoll’: Full Sail University Student Film

A toy store involves existence in 'Ragdoll,' a Full Sail University student fantasy-drama in regards to a youthful girl from the poor family whntures into an enchng child wonderland. RAGDOLL Production Crew: Unit Production Manager: Stephen Chalbaud First Assistant Director: John McMillian Second Assistant Director: Nicholas Tulini Producer: Take advantage of Tuscani Producer: John Walsh Production Supervisor: Andrew Campbell Director: Kristin Peterman Director: Javelynn Tyler Director of Photography: Phil Youthful Camera Team: Shawn Tiano Camera Team: John Shea Camera Team: Slsa Aquije Camera Team: Robyn Alexander Cole Editor: Nicholas Tulini Editor: John McMillan Gaffer: David Gabos Best Boy Electric: George Waked Electric: PJ Rosso Seem Mixer: Kyle Manley Boom Operator: Eric Shwarzmiller Key Grip: Roger L Blissett Dolly Grip: Lance Cost Production Designer: Elsa Aquije Art Director: Jarrod Conception Costume Supervisor: Cassey Hassell Constitute: David Ascano Constitute: Annabel Acuna Armorer: Anthony Howard-Crow Craft Services: Cassey Hassell Craft Services Assistant: Anthony Howard-Crow Script Supervisor: Truman Rexti Documentarian: Robyn Alexander Cole Digital photographer: Elton Stevens Production Assistant: Alicia Phillips Production Assistant: Graham Singleton Production Assistant: Tasha Cooney Production Assistant: Angela Durkan Production Assistant: Mike Simmons Production Assistant: Kevin Mounce Production Assistant: Tim Bird Production Assistant: Natasha Brown Production Assistant: Adam ...

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Full Sail University Student Film: “Moving On”

Warning: This student film consists of some explicit language. A youthful couple realizes there is a mutual bond that's both awkwand embarrassing. Dior: David Zuckerman Producer: Kenny Beaumont first Asst. Director: Johnathan Clemson Director of Photography: Roya Frazier Art Director: Andrea Klinedinst Casting Director: Alicia Durgan Production Coordinator: Johnathan Clemson Production Assistant: Megan Conley Production Assistant: Alison Del Verde Production Assistant: Johnathan Heggestad Production Designer: Louise Pupecki Unit Production Manager: Roger Ramos Junior. Script Supervisor: Luke Prevlosky Camera Team: Mary Banuet Camera Team: Kyle Conrad Camera Team: Andrea Klinedinst Camera Team: Ian Rosloniec Still Digital photographer: Danny Roche Still Digital photographer: Jevonte Thomas Gaffer: Michael Forster Seem: Michael Look Seem: Tricia Torley Key Grip: Johnathan Burns Dolly Grip: Brandon Dorn Grip: Ada Santana Misc. Crew: Michael Mayer To explore the film school at Full Sail University, visit world wide web.fullsail.edu

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My acting performence Final project The Art Institute of New York City Visual Storytelling

Your final work for the category Visual Storytelling within this situation im the Actor helping certainly one of my film school firend in the moviegot A on his movie essor Mr Donsky a Director can also be an actress twitter.com world wide web.facebook.com

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Month 6:7 at Full Sail University Digital Cinematography!!!!

I managed to get through Math class! Yaay! For those who have any queries send these to my Youtube mailbox and I'll respond to them during my next v. Here's the hyperlink te unboxing: richardaronson.com For more information about our approaching documentary visit world wide web.indiegogo.com Facebook page: world wide web.facebook.com Blog: shebusyfilm.blogspot.com Company website: shebusyprod.com Email: Info@SheBusyProd.com

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The New Guy- The Art Institute NYC

A brief Film used to do within the Art institute of recent you are able to city. i think you'll enjoy

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