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The Vagina Photo.

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25 Responses to “The Vagina Photo.”

  1. AnnyCandy223 says:

    I was a virgin. Until two days ago. I'm 19.

  2. domaj2 says:

    Ur a funny chick. Diggin the channel

  3. vickylaguna16 says:

    i guess i am i mean a guy hasn't poked me wit there pickle!! lol a gurl poked me dose that count lol:)

  4. Codetay says:


  5. souleater1994122 says:


  6. xxdarkheartsxx says:

    Not a virgin, lost it at 17. Im 21 now and its been two years since I had any... fml 

  7. Angella769 says:


  8. fall4daeyez says:

    I no this might sound crazy, but bitches be crazy !!! Lmfao !!! That's was funny

  9. admx94 says:

    AHHH I wanna go to Pratt for architecture. Virgin? No comment.

  10. HOLYSHiZZLESHiT says:

    I laughed out loud at the "WOO! Vaginas!" thing. :)
    Also, I'm almost 15 and a virgin. I'm not planning on getting sex soon and I'm completely okay with that. ;)

  11. Bobboo921 says:

    20 years old. Virgin. yay...?

  12. SChectorconnor says:

    tanto hablar al pedo no mostró la concha la muy hija de puta.

  13. m0n4c3 says:

    @SChectorconnor no es suposto mostrar. ela so esta hablando de una situacion de su vida...

  14. bowwowfan99 says:

    i subscribed

  15. TheEnjiNeko says:

    1:50 lies! you must get chick laid on the daily XP

  16. fandhp666 says:

    Why do you speed up at the end of your videos? Poor french like me have a really hard time to understand what you're saying (which is sad because it's quite interesting).
    Btw, you are cute ^^

  17. ddddbbbb5 says:

    I would look at your vagina.

  18. anglefacebaybiee says:

    i am a virgin and im 18 :D 

  19. iSmilexDD says:

    im a virgin :D 16

  20. emogirl78 says:


  21. TheWatchingCheese says:


  22. emoangel586 says:

    I'm not a lesbian but I think I'm in love with you! And I would totally go lesbian for you... ;)

  23. SkyandHannah14 says:

    i'm 14..

  24. coolmocheeser says:

    I'm a virgin 14 :)

  25. valstwitchy says:

    Done it with girls, zaro guys. Virgin? Oh I'm 20 ;D


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