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Laramie, Wyoming -- The Wyotech-Laramie Campus, located at 4373 North 3rd Street, Laramie, WY 82072, was the initial WyoTech campus formed in 1966 with only 22 students. In 1969 WyoTech’s Laramie campus became accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology, formerly known as NATTS, and through the years has received approval from 50 state governing authorities. WyoTech originated in a single 9,000 square foot creating in 1966 and has since expanded to its present size of 370,000 square feet of modern shop, classroom and administrative facilities. After the original Automotive Technology program, WyoTech introduced Diesel Technology in 1967, Collision/Refinishing Technology in 1971, Automotive Trim and Upholstery in 1977, Associate of Applied Science degree programs in 1986, and the Street Rod Building and Auto Customizing course in 1992. In 2000 WyoTech expanded the Street Rod course further by offering two separate, more specialized courses: Motorsports Chassis Fabrication and Street Rod & Custom Fabrication. This expansion of curriculum allows students the opportunity to hone their skills inside a specialty automotive business. And in 2001, WyoTech added Advanced Diesel courses, giving students the chance to further their training in the diesel field.
Blairsville, Pennsylvania -- The Wyotech-Blairsville Campus, located at 500 Innovation Drive, Blairsville PA, 15717, was WyoTech's second campus. A significant milestone was reached when WyoTech opened its doors in the spring of 2002 for training in the automotive and collision/refinishing industries and specialty courses in Street Rod, Motorsports Chassis Fabrication, and Management at a branch campus located in Blairsville, Pennsylvania. The school moved into brand-new, expanded facilities located at 500 Innovation Drive in Blairsville in December 2003. Courses in Diesel Technology began in 2006, and the Blairsville campus added Light Duty Diesel and High Performance Power Trains as advanced courses in 2007.
Sacramento, California -- The Wyotech-Sacramento Campus, located at 980 Riverside Parkway, West Sacramento CA, 95605, was the third WyoTech campus. In January 2004, WyoTech’s third campus opened in West Sacramento, California, with Automotive Technology, Applied Service Management, and Motorsports Chassis Fabrication courses. In addition, a new facility was added in 2005, and course offerings had been expanded to consist of Street Rod and Custom Fabrication and Advanced Automotive Diagnostics. In October 2006 the third facility expansion was added and course offerings had been expanded to consist of Collision/Refinishing Technology, Trim and Upholstery Technology and High Performance Power Trains. In October of 2007, Light Duty Diesel was added to the Specialty Course offerings utilizing existing classrooms and shop space in the Automotive facility.
Long Beach, California -- The Wyotech-Long Beach Campus, located at 2161 Technology Place, Long Beach CA, 90810, and formerly National Institute of Technology, was founded in 1969 as the Rosston School. In 1986 the school was acquired by Educorp, Inc. and renamed Educorp Career College. The school was acquired by Corinthian Colleges, Inc. in Oct 2000. The school name was changed to National Institute of Technology in May 2001 and was renamed WyoTech in July of 2007. The School moved to its present location in April 2004. The campus has two buildings totaling 92,435 square feet. The Primary Building is 42,712 square feet with 25 classrooms and labs, administrative offices, a student lounge, restrooms, and a resource center containing reference and reading supplies related to the academic programs. The Automotive Building is 49,723 square feet with eight classrooms, student lounge, toolroom, and the rest is primarily an open region functioning as a big auto/laboratory for instruction.
Daytona Beach, Florida -- The Wyotech-Daytona Campus, located at 470 Destination Daytona Lane, Ormond Beach FL, 32174 was established in January 1972 under the name American Motorcycle Institute, or AMI. Classes began in a one-creating classroom shop and grew to a 10.five-acre campus. In 1972, motorcycle mechanics was the only program of instruction. Nevertheless, seeing the require for an additional service-related program, marine mechanics was added in 1973. At initial only inboard gasoline-powered marine engines with a stern drive unit had been utilized for the training but soon the demand for outboard motor mechanics training became powerful, and it was added to the curriculum in 1975. In 2004 the school was purchased by Florida Metropolitan University, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Corinthian Colleges, Inc. In February of 2006 the name of the school was changed from AMI to WyoTech. In November of 2006 the school moved to its present location at 470 Destination Lane, Ormond Beach, FL.
Fremont, California -- The Wyotech-Fremont Campus, located at 200 Whitney Place, Fremont CA, 94539, began operations under the name Sequoia Institute in 1962 with a handful of students in an automotive class located in Sunnyvale, California. Over the past 40 years, the School has grown into a sophisticated training center with approximately 130,000 square feet of facilities at its present site in Fremont, California. On August 1, 2003, Corinthian Colleges, Inc. purchased the former Sequoia Institute. On July 1, 2004, Corinthian Colleges, Inc. officially changed Sequoia Institute’s name to WyoTech.

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  1. Angry student says:

    I am currently attending wyotech and graduating on the 24th of June 2011. I have had nothing but problems from the get go. First problem was housing, wyotech requires you to send in a housing deposit and contract. I sent in both, after coming to wyotech I found out that they had recieved my money but not my housing contract even though I sent them together. So I had nowhere to live, so I made do and found a place to live no thanks to them(they didnt even try to help). Ever since then the managment has been a joke. 3 weeks ago I was called in to the finacial aid office to find out I owed them over $700, I never got a straight answer as to why I owed this money. They threatened to kick me out so I paid the money. Heres the best part, one week ago I was called in to the finacial aid office yet again and was told I owed over $1300 dollars! I was livid, and yet agian didnt get a stratght answer as to why I owed this money. I refuse to give them anymore of the money. I may not get my diploma but whatever they can kiss my @$$. When I applied to wyotech I was wanting to get into diesel core and advanced diesel ellective classes. I was told that advanced diesel was backed up for over a year only to find out there was only 15 people in the class for the class I was wanting to get into. Long story short if your looking at wyotech I would consider every other options you have. Wyotech is very reputable but is ran by complete idiots. Period. Think this review over before attending.


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